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    Nugenis covers the delivery costs   

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Think about your brain

Increasing age results in falling levels of the endogenous substance ademetionine.

Ademetionine is needed for an adequate level of DNA methylation and thereby protects brain cells by preventing the expression of one particular protein temporarily.

The level of this protein, monoamine oxidase B, is significantly elevated in Alzheimer’s disease. One result is a lack of those brain messenger molecules (neurotransmitters) important for critical thinking, attentiveness, memory and learning, happiness, mood and motivation.

Another result of an increased level of monoamine oxidase B is increased degradation of the transmitter dopamine whose degradation products are neurotoxic to brain cells.

This is why NUGENIS has developed EBP® Epigenetic Brain Protector (counteracts ademetionine deficiency) which was awarded a gold medal for outstanding contribution to the protection of brain cells. 

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